Safehouse & P3 Partnership | P3 Global Personnel

P3 Global Personnel, LLC., specializing in the international supply of high demand personnel for the onshore, offshore and industrial sectors, with expertise in health, safety, and environmental services, are pleased to announce their partnership with UK based Safehouse Habitats, global leaders in the provision of engineered safety solutions to the oil and gas industry.
With safety being our priority the P3 Global Personnel, LLC and Safehouse partnership will provide safe welding enclosures for oil and gas operators on live platforms and plants. SAFEHOUSE protect people, preserve assets and improve production through engineered protection to ensure work in hazardous environments is universally safe. P3 Global Personnel’s experience and presence in the area offers significant opportunity for the expansion of Safehouse’s reach within the USA.
This partnership represents a strategic agreement which shows our commitment to significant growth in the region. We are excited about the prospects that this collaboration will bring.
For further information on P3 Global Personnel, LLC – contact Greg Cartolano at or +1 844.746.6910.

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