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P3 Global Dehumidification Process

P3 A/C DH system incorporates our habitat enclosure panels with a specially designed A/C- Dehumidifier. The theory of utilizing a combination of an oversized A/C with a dehumidifier approach; to overcool and dehumidify the supply air. In doing so, additional moisture is removed and the air is delivered to the space at a lower temperature and humidity level.

Typically, in the harshest humid environment a 1,000 sq. ft. habitat using this concept will lower the humidity, dry sweating piping and equipment as well as lowering the temperature allowing work such as blasting, coating and hotwork to be performed.

When this application method is implemented the client achieves a more efficient working environment for personnel and equipment, in addition to reducing fatigue on personnel while eliminating condensation on equipment and piping. Providing an ideal environment for better paint adhesion and quicker drying time.

Habitat Dehumidification Reduces Humidity Levels and Eliminates Condensation

  • Fatigue Reduction
  • Efficient Working Conditions
  • Elimination of Condensation
  • Ideal Environment for Paint Adhesion
  • Increased Drying Time
  • Costs Savings

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