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P3 Global Personnel, LLC supplies quality and reliable gas detection rental products at fair and competitive pricing to customers around the globe.  Our staff is certified, has decades of experience, and install and provide training on all equipment. Expand the sections below to discover more features and benefits of our gas detector rentals and services. Various configurations of gas meters and gases are available per customer specifications.

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Various configurations of gas meters and gases are available per customer specifications.
  • Detects combustible gases in LEL and/or volume percentage range for the following depending on the desired configurations.
    • oxygen
    • carbon monoxide
    • carbon dioxide
    • hydrogen sulfide
    • sulfur dioxide
    • ammonia
    • chlorine
  • VOC
  • Rugged overmolded polycarbonate housing provides unsurpassed durability, including ability to survive 10-ft. (3m) drop
  • IP65-certified.
  • Field-proven integral pump provides consistent gas flow, eliminating concerns of externally-attached components.
  • High-performance X-Cell Sensors last longer
  • Typical life greater than 4 years for combustible, O2, CO/H2S, SO2, CO/NO2 and CO (high concentration) sensors
  • Typical life greater than 3 years for NH3 and Cl2 sensors
  • Most sensor response and clear times <15 seconds
  • Less calibration gas used
  • Requires about half of test gas typically used for calibration and bump tests.
  • Rapid bump test gives results in less than 10 seconds for most common sensor configurations.
  • Span calibration time of 60 seconds for most common sensor configurations.
  • MotionAlert feature option tells others that user has become immobile
  • The instantalert feature provides manual alarm to alert others as to a potentially hazardous situation.
  • PID option allows for accurate, reliable VOC response with programmable reference factors.
  • Large buttons and bright display provide easy operation, even when users wear gloves.
  • Exclusive end-of-sensor warning cautions users when unit’s sensor nears end-of-life.
  • Versatile MSA Link™ Software allows users to transmit data to a computer.
  • Compatible with GALAXY® GX2 Test System and MSA Link Pro
  • Software for fleet management.
  • Wireless bluetooth included standard.
  • Color touch screen for ease of setup and viewing
  • Extremely simple to use; testing starts automatically without touching a single button
  • Simultaneous testing of up to ten instruments
  • GALAXY GX2 System is optimized for use with MSA’s XCell® Sensors; provides up to 50% cost of ownership reduction
  • At-a-glance indicators include low calibration gas volume, expiration warnings and test stand status.
  • MSA Link Pro Software provides proactive safety management, dashboard overview and total record-keeping
  • 18 languages available for test stand and MSA Link Pro Software that simplifies usage and reduces training
  • Gas Specifications
    • GX2 Cylinder Holder automatically reads Calibration Gas Cylinder pressure and data (Lot, Part #, Expiration date, etc.)
    • Each MSA cylinder is fitted with an RFID tag and is certified to be within ±5% (CH4/ LEL,O2, and CO) and ±10% (H2S) accuracy
    • At-a-glance indicators include low calibration gas volume and expiration warnings.
Low cost of ownership
  • Fastest sensor response times, lowest calibration gas flow rate on the market
  • > 4-year expected sensor life
  • 3-year warranty on instrument & most sensors (2 years on Cl2, NH3)
  • Stand-alone bump tests reduce maintenance, increase productivity (ALTAIR 2XP only)
  • 1 device can monitor 2 gases (ALTAIR 2XT only) …Standard is single gas
Increased safety awareness & real-time compliance
  • Stand-alone bump test anytime, anywhere without specific calibration gas (ALTAIR 2XP only)
  • Bump pass: green LED flash every 15s, large on-screen checkmark
  • Bump fail or expiration: red LED flash every 15s, no checkmark
  • End-of-sensor-life warning and alarm
Full-time traceability
  • Records 75 alarm events
  • 150+ hours of periodic data (ALTAIR 2X and 2XP)
  • 100+ hours of periodic data (ALTAIR 2XT)
    Compatible with MSA GALAXY® GX2 Automated Test System and MSA Link Pro software
Rugged durability
  • Tough over-molded rubber armor
  • Survives multiple 25-ft drops onto concrete
  • Agency-certified dust- and water-tight IP67 construction
  • Intrinsically-safe design
  • Sensor options for CO, H2S, and O2
  • 2 year warranty included
  • Gas detector is usable past 2 years as long as battery and sensor work properly
  • Patented electrochemical sensors and MSA-built button sensors
  • Stainless steel and solid electrolyte construction virtually eliminate sensor leakage
  • Automatically records the last 25 alarm/test events and can communicate data by connecting to MSA Link via built-in IR communication port
  • Calibrations and bump tests can be performed on Galaxy GX2 Calibration Test System
  • No-miss triple alarm system includes bright flashing LEDs, piercing audible alarm, and an internal vibrating alarm
  • Rubberized armor housing and one-button operation for maximum durability and simplicity

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