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P3 Global Personnel, LLC has been in the business of providing inspection services for more than 15 years. Our professional crews provide the very best in inspection and testing services and have participated in some of the most complex projects across the nation.

Each P3 Global Personnel Logistic employee is highly skilled and carries unique certifications specific to the duty type or job scope. Logistic clerks are provided comprehensive training tailored to specific job functions, allowing for increased value and quality of service unlike any other. All are deployable for both onshore and offshore projects for single placements, short stay or long-term engagements.

Upon consultation, CV’s are available for each potential position.

Specializing in nondestructive testing (aka NDT), our weld inspections and quality inspections services work on current or recently performed welds to ensure it meet clients standards and specification.

Our I.E. Technicians install, calibrate, inspect, and troubleshoot instruments and electrical equipment in accordance with clients standards.

Performs visual inspections, adhesion testing, penetration testing and monitors the entire process of blasting, preparation, and painting to ensure the process meets the clients’ standards.

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