Logistics | P3_Global_LLC

Logistic crews provide a wide range of the most sought after skill sets needed in the industry. Through development, training and experience, proficiency and dexterity becomes the core of P3 Global Personnel’s pool.

No job or project is too large or small; flexibility ranges from short or long term services regardless of location. Services are available across the nation and globally.

P3 Global Personnel’s aim is to deliver professional, reliable personnel with a vast range of experience, tailored to meet our requirements.

General Clerks

Materials Coordinators

Shore-based Clerks

Offshore Clerks

Drilling Clerks


Two levels of competency:

  • Level 1 – General / Basic
  • Level 2 – Supervisor
  • Identify hazards and identify risk management processes
  • Effectively represent employees on safety, health and environmental issues
  • Conduct workplace inspection
  • Report and assist in control and identifying environmental hazards

Cross trained, multi-functional personnel allow for greater cost savings to you by employing personnel capable of handling a number of job tasks seamlessly.