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P3 Global Personnel LLC is a leading provider of habitats to those working in hazardous areas across a multitude of industries. Pressurized, flexible enclosures and control systems allow hotwork to be performed in potentially flammable areas, while managing and controlling the risks associated with carrying out these tasks in a traditional way.


The SAFEHOUSE Pressurized Welding Enclosure (PWE) contains the most highly regarded features of any flexible welding enclosure on the market today. These enclosures or habitats can be safely installed and its integrity demonstrated in only a few short hours.

  • 100% BSSE approval rate
  • Shut-in prevention
  • Limited personnel required
  • Rapid assembly and breakdown
  • Extensive panel size ranges
  • Monitors atmospheres for LEL of H2S, CO2 and Oxygen
  • High quality fire retardant panels
  • Multi-layered for exceptional protection
  • Dual seam construction ensuring positive pressure
  • Completely customizable
  • Extensive panel sizes
  • No waste; panels and equipment can be re-used concurrently or progressively


Offering the utmost in flexibility, SAFEHOUSE PWEs’ have the ability to be installed in almost any location or environment and provide the perfect solution to conducting hotwork in hazardous areas.

  • Includes the supply and extract components
  • No requirement for hand or power tools for assembly
  • Panel size ranges allow for size customization; dimensions are limitless
  • Panels zippered seam construction with overlapping hook and loop closures
  • Additional drape panels provide 3rd layer protection
  • Panel construction accommodates penetrations of various size, allowing for pipe work, structural steel and other components to be encapsulated
  • Escape panels allow for quick and easy entrance and exit in the event of an emergency
  • Panels are easily transported and reusable


The SAFEHOUSE PWEs’ modular design lends itself to a multitude of applications by simply interchanging panels and rearranging components. As a proven and effective engineered solution to shut-in prevention, these units are reusable and offer the added value of further cost savings.

  • Uninterrupted production
  • Eliminates need for shut-in
  • Revenue retention
  • Reduced POB
  • Minimized risks
  • Accident prevention


Rapid deployment and assembly, ensures that production loss is limited or averted.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rapid mobilization of units and personnel
  • Offshore versatility: platforms, rigs and vessels
  • Onshore versatility: plants and refineries
  • Panelized construction
  • Quick erection and dismantle
  • Automatic control of hotwork equipment

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