Oil and gas operators engaging in offshore production face numerous challenges which require solutions that are robust, reliable and cost-efficient. Fail-safe products play a large role by allowing decreased POB and human error. 

zone monitoring

P3 Global incorporates innovative technologies into our solutions for zone control and motor shutdown systems.

The Zone Control System incorporates alarm pedestals and gas detectors placed in a perimeter around a hotwork zone. Detectors continuously monitor for the presence of hazardous gases while data is wirelessly transmitted to a monitored control console, tracking trends in atmospheric conditions. In the event that an atmospheric condition is detected outside the desired range for safe working conditions, the system will initiate and automatically shutdown all integrated hotwork components tied to that zone.

An additional fail-safe measure is added to initiate a shutdown should a malfunction be detected within the system, used or set up improperly.

The Motor Shutdown Gas Detector is designed as an intake based motor watch, hotwork equipment integrated shutdown system for open air welding operations on an offshore hydrocarbon producing facility. The detector monitors Hydrocarbons while connected to the “run” signal of the diesel operated engine. In the event that an atmosphere is detected outside the desired range for safe working conditions, the system will initiate an automatic shutdown of the equipment. The shutdown is automatic and requires no human input.

The incorporated fail-safe ensures shutdown if al malfunction is detected within the system and when used or set-up improperly.

Comprehensive procedures and monitoring plans are provided by P3 personnel to prevent and mitigate hazards.

motor gas shutdown detector

zone control system

A typical PWE configuration includes: flexible configuration panel structure, gas sensing module, welding control module, air fan, remote gas sensors, multi-sensing module, local extraction system, and emergency shut down buttons inside and out.

Hotwork equipment that can be controlled by the Zone Control System includes:

  • Diesel welding machines
  • Electric welding machines
  • Pneumatic equipment
  • Electrical equipment (such as grinders)
  • Gas torches

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